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About Edwaso

Edwaso is an e-commerce platform powered by and a subsidiary of HiTChé Group of Companies. Edwaso is a legitimately registered company which seeks to create a direct marketing channel, by eliminating wasteful intermediation and multiple handling, thus reducing transaction cost and making logistics efficient. .

Our e-commerce platform serves as the best and biggest online destination to shop all your grocery needs, agricultural products as well as serve as a promotion and marketing tool for made in Ghana products, other imported brands along with services..

For quality and safe shopping experience then go no further, Edwaso is the best place to be. Sit back in the comfort of your homes, shop and Edwaso will deliver to your doorstep with top-notch delivery services in Ghana at affordable and standard charges. Get to choose from our simple and flexible payment models as Cash on the delivery payment option, Mobile money or Debit card.

At Edwaso, we bring the market place to your homes, you get to buy more, spend less and sell faster. Customer satisfaction is and will always be our priority, thus providing a simple and safe environment, affordable and easy shopping experience. Download the Edwaso mobile app for easy and smooth access to all your shopping needs and it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Call Support Center for assistance on (+233) 0241 699 444 / 0302 986 436.

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Delivery Options

Edwaso assures our customers of bringing the market place to your homes, you get to buy more, spend less, and shop with ease. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We ensure your package delivered to you on time and unscathed with our Delivery Associates, always ready to be on the move. Stay home, shop safe, and let Edwaso do the rest..

Note: Please, you are to determine whether or not to accept an item delivered to you. For example, you receive a wrong package or item. Please return the item at that moment to avoid any inconvenience..

Package Delivery Allotment

Delivering packages or items is managed by Private Cab and other Delivery Associates. Delivery time starts right from the day of purchase, orders placed with Private Cab has a same-day delivery policy, days can extend to a day or two depending on both the location of Seller and Customer as well as the item. Other Delivery Associates determine their delivery times..

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are assigned based on the category of items. Fees on each item vary, which is determined by our delivery associates depending on item and distance at very affordable rates. Note: Items category include Small, Medium, and Large.

Click on this link Track Order to track your order by entering your ‘order code’ on this page.

Call Support Center for assistance on (+233) 0241 699 444 / 0302 986 436.

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Call Support Center for assistance on (+233) 0241 699 444 / 0302 986 436.

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Return Policy

If your item is eligible, you can request a return through your account ("My Orders" section) Note that you have up to 14 days for eligible items to make a return request after your order has been delivered Not all products can be returned on EDWASO, so please review the EDWASO RETURN POLICY below in order to verify if your item matches our eligibility conditions.
Almost all EDWASO products can be returned 14 Days after delivery. i.e.: If I received a product on the 5th, I can return my product up to the 20th provided that it's not from a restricted category (such as underwear, food, health, and beauty, ...). NB: - If your item was delivered for more than 15 days, you won't be able to request a return from EDWASO anymore for it.
*However, if your item has a guarantee you might submit it to your seller's service center for assistance.
Prerequisites for an eligible return request:
- The product shall not be from the following categories: underwear, health and beauty, food, and supermarket,
- The product and its package are in a good state (not broken or spotted)
- The product should be deposited to the chosen drop-off station (following your online return request)
- The product state should match your return reason
- The preferred refund method and additional details must be provided along with the request
-Every returned item will be verified by our team
- If your return reason is verified and approved, you'll be refunded as per your preferred refund method.
- If your return reason is not approved, you won't be refunded and the item will be turned back to you.
-Conditions & return reasons: You can return your products following the below reasons:

Call Support Center for assistance on (+233) 0241 699 444 / 0302 986 436.

Third Class
Be a Seller

Be a Seller

Be A Seller Edwaso is an e-commerce wholesale/retail platform that aims at providing the best online market place for Ghanaians. Our platform aims at bringing the market place to your door-step, to support our vision of assisting Small and Medium Enterprises run their businesses anywhere. Providing you with the best of services, as a seller on Edwaso, be assured of millions of shoppers waiting to visit your store.
For more information visit our website today at Edwaso.Market
Own a Store Today!
Why Own a Store on Edwaso?
- Maximize your sales and Brand
- Free opening of your Store
- Get support from Edwaso
- Millions of shoppers online ready to visit your Store
- Direct and Reliable Delivery to Buyers
- Fast and Stable Payments System
- Low Commissions ranging from 5% - 12% depending on product
Be part of the best shopping experience…!
Steps to Be a Seller
1. Visit Edwaso and select Be a Seller Option.
2. Fill in your personal details
3. Enter your business information and upload required documents.
4. Fill in your payment details.
5. Confirm your account details on summary page.
6. Verify your Edwaso Seller account to manage your Shop.
7. Upload your products and set prices.
8. Start selling on Edwaso.

Call Support Center for assistance.(+233)241699444 / 0302 986 436.